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Salvatore Galanti (1942-2014)

"Thank you Dad! You were a great man. You must be proud of what you have achieved in your life. I am proud of what you did and we all are.

You were 16 years old, when you emigrated from Mazarin in Sicily to Cinisello in the North of Italy. A youngster in borrowed shoes. In fact, when you arrived, you were wearing used shoes given to you two sizes smaller than your feet, because it was the only thing that passed the convent. But you had a dream! You wanted to set up your company. You wanted to realize your dreams, you wanted to give a better life to mum and you wanted to be useful to society by giving employment to many young people. You did it Daddy, and you did well. You always told me: "Alessandro: everyone is born into this world for a purpose in life. I came into the world to do this! if you want to be happy, you need to do that for which you were created. "

Exactly 45 years ago, you have founded your company. Again, congratulations Dad! I cannot repeat enough that you must be proud. I am very proud of you!
Smart, brave, generous, helpful, accommodating, creative, innovative, caring and more; I would not struggle to find dozens of other qualities, that distinguished you.
You always had many interests. Mechanics, above everything and everyone. And then astronomy, poetry but also jokes! Who amongst us does not know your mythical joke about the butcher! Who amongst us does not know your jokes in general! You always liked to bring a smile in everyone's life.
And then the cooking. You loved to cook, but not for you. You loved to cook and loved to be surrounded by people who could enjoy what you served (I would say that oil producers will have appreciated your heavy hand on that ingredient). Seriously, you did it in a very unpretentious way. You did it generously. How many lunches and dinners and parties in your beloved "Vanzani" did you offer. You did well dad. We all carry in our hearts a memory, a dish, a joke or one of your: "I know what needs to be done to solve it."

Warm heart, creativity and intelligence. Intelligence and technical capacity; I think you've been the luck of many people and customers. And you liked to take up challenges to the limits of the laws governing the mechanics. And you did it always, Dad. You only needed a "thank you Toto" and you were happy. A simple heart. Not built on bogus values. Hard work, sacrifice, devotion to work, generosity are other keywords to describe you. These values were your drivers. Other than renewable energy. You were the “perpetuum mobile”.
In recent months, your illness was taking on speed. You fought like a bull. You knew that you could not win this battle, but you fought like never. Last Thursday you were at work. I have seen how the tumor has reduced your body, Dad. How did you do? How could you resist? How could you continue?
When the tumor was diagnosed, we were told that your situation was a disaster. That it might not take long. But you kept going! When I heard it, I was hoping for you that the Lord will take you quickly and without suffering. Instead you survived 16 months. I've seen in recent months how many things you still have done and how well you've been to pursue your goals. How many advices dispensed in these months will profit me and the others around you and how much you still have done for everybody. So I said to myself: "My dad still had a lot to tell to the world; for this, his time isn’t yet arrived ". I know what I have got from you in these months, and I am sure, that everyone else knows what they have shared with you. Thanks Dad, I am even more proud to be your son.

Dad, despite the hardships, you've had a rich and lucky life. You have really lived what you wanted to do and you did what you knew best. You loved your work more than anything else. The young people assembled here today should remember this man and keep it as an example for life. Like what you are doing, make it with passion and you will make a difference.
Daddy I'm also glad that you had Mum; she has always been a point of balance in your life. You shared this thought several times with me. Your knew your limits and and knew that mom would compensate in part. I love to remember this formula that you have exchanged 50 years ago: "... in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, till death do us part." None of it was missing in your life. Together, you have experienced them all.

And how many memories. I remember the joy going to mushrooms together. I remember the pain caused by the numerous crises at work. I remember how much you enjoyed your house in the country side, your garden and your flowers. I remember vividly the arrival of the disease which has finally separated us. I will always have in my mind and heart the pain and the fatigue of your last hours.
And I will remember forever the gestures of love I have seen from all of you here in this difficult moment and they are worth more than 1,000 good words. Thank you all for Mom and Dad.
Mom, you too can be very proud of the man you married. Look at how much love surrounded him especially in these days and how much love surrounded him during his whole life. Remember that you get a tan in the shade as well, and that this tan lasts longer in time.
Dad has also used his good genes on us: my sister and myself. You did a good job here as well and you have got us growing up well, and have you seen your grandchildren turning out well too. The life cycle is completed. Through Lara and me, you shared with the world Gods project of the creation with your grandchildren Rachel, Sofia, Pietro and Cecilia.
In addition to good parent, I think that all of us will also consider you as a good friend. For many, the friend with a capital F. Good brother, good uncle, good grandfather and good employer.
I want to share with everyone and episode that tells a lot about you. Often you told me that your dad took you to the countryside to work the field. You were 10-12 years old and starting at 4 am, you had first to walk with your mule Zorro to the field; it must have been tremendously difficult. Arrived there the real work was starting. A huge field to hoe by hand. Grandfather Vincent told you: "Toto, keep your head down; then one step at a time, you hoe the row. When you reach the bottom you turn around and start again. You do this until you finish the whole field”. And this is what you repeated to us. You said: "Alexander do not put everything in front of you; one thing at a time and you will come to the end. " Dad, I will treasure it, like everything you taught me and am sure, I will continue to learn from you.
Last but not least, I would like to share with you the spirit and generosity of my dad. Outside of the church, you will find some stand with vegetable seedlings, cherries and strawberries. Dad loved the gardening and enjoyed the fruits of the earth. It was the thing that made him feel in his own land, in his personal Mazarin. Strawberries have a very important meaning for our family. Dad always told us, "If you are 4 and there is one strawberry, divide it into 4". In this spirit, I invite you to fetch a seedling, a few strawberries or a few cherries from the stand. But if you were to notice that; your neighbor has not had share, hand him out half of yours.
Thanks Dad. To you now, the honors of the officials from the town -to a great man!
Salvatore Galanti, today the world has lost a great man and Heaven has gained an exceptional soul.


Cinisello Balsamo, May 30, 2014
Forever, your son Alessandro