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Salvatore Galanti (1942-2014)

After a long illness, Salvatore Galanti, founder of Algala Srl, is deceased amidst his beloved ones in the early morning of the 28th of May 2014.
Salvatore was born in Sicily and moved up North to Lombardy region very early in his youth. Getting married there and having two children, he set up the Algala business 45 years ago.
Able to “communicate” with metal, he created many solutions for customers, where seasoned engineers had already given up, because of the virtual non-feasibility of the parts.
With metal in his veins, he was capable to converse with it and realize the most challenging products, creating very complicated tools and bending and stamping metal to his will.
His son Alessandro, who is running the business since his retirement a few years ago, is continuing his work in the spirit and with the high moral values who have imprinted Salvatore’s life.

25 years in Algala

Algala are very proud to have many of their employees who stay for a decade or more in the Company. Early in May, they had again the opportunity to congratulate one of the shop floor technicians which arrived at the age of 18 years and stayed now 25 years with the company.

120.000.000 components for brushless motors

In April 2013, Algala have stamped the 120 millionth component for stamped-stacked assemblies destined to the brushless motor industry.